Six Years of BloggingHey everyone! Another year has passed and it's been 6 years since I've been blogging here on catonmat! In this post I want to summarize this year's statistics.

See the one year of blogging, two years of blogging, three years of blogging, four years of blogging, and five years of blogging for the previous year statistics.

Let's start this year's stats with traffic:

Traffic statistics from Google Analytics for Jul 1, 2012 - Jun 30, 2013.

This year: 903,468 uniques. 1,191,596 visits. 1,695,544 page views.
Last year: 988,295 uniques. 1,374,228 visits. 1,940,530 page views.
Delta: -84,827 unqiues. -182,632 visits. -244,986 page views.

I haven't been blogging as much as in the previous year and that explains the negative delta.

Feedburner stats: At 16,343 rss subscribers this year. Last year 14,362. Delta +1,981. subscribe.
Github stats: At 1400 followers this year. Last year 1070. Delta +330. follow me.
Twitter stats: At 3774 followers this year. Last year 3093. Delta +681. follow me.

Subscriptions and followers grow over time, which explains the positive delta.

Total articles written: 25. Top 10 articles:

My top 5 favorite articles:

During this year I made 4 announcements:

That's all folks! Now let's have some 6 year birthday cake,

And let's meet for the cake next year again! See you!