TLDR: You can access a temporary browser session created by me and my team via We spawn single-session browsers on our servers and stream only the browser interface to you. This solution is ideal for casual browsing and testing websites, without leaving a digital trace, such as history or cookies.

Temporary Browser – What Is It?

A temporary browser is a cloud-hosted web browser that operates for the duration of a single browsing session. Upon session termination, it automatically purges all retained data, including cookies, history, downloaded files, and cached content, ensuring a high degree of privacy and security. This approach effectively mitigates risks associated with data persistence and user tracking.

Temporary Browser – How Does It Work?

At the start of each browsing session, a new cloud server instance is initialized, creating an isolated and secure environment for web activities. Throughout the session, all user web interactions occur within this cloud-hosted environment, ensuring no direct data exchange with the user's local machine. At the end of the session, the cloud server is irreversibly terminated, deleting all session data, including cookies and history, thereby rendering the browsing session unrecoverable.

What's the Difference Between a Regular Browser and a Temporary Browser?

A regular browser stores user data like history, cookies, and cache locally on the user's device, maintaining persistent data across sessions, which can be susceptible to tracking and privacy breaches. In contrast, a temporary browser isolates each session and discards all stored data upon session termination, ensuring no residual data is left on the user's device. Additionally, a temporary browser uses an anonymous IP address, offering further protection against tracking by websites and ISPs, enhancing user anonymity and privacy.

What Are Temporary Browser Use Cases?

Casual Web Browsing

Temporary browsers are ideal for casual, everyday web browsing where users seek to avoid leaving digital footprints, such as history or cookies. This is especially useful for maintaining privacy when researching sensitive topics, such as health or relationship advice, or when using a shared or public computer.

Acquiring Temporary Email Addresses

You can use a temporary browser to create and access temporary email accounts for activities like signing up for trials or one-time registrations, thereby protecting your primary email from spam and maintaining anonymity.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Web developers can use temporary browsers to test software, websites, or applications across different operating systems and browser configurations without the need for multiple physical setups, streamlining the development and QA processes.

Cybersecurity Drill Platform

Temporary browsers can be used to simulate cyber-attack scenarios, allowing cybersecurity professionals to train and test responses to phishing, malware, and other threats in a controlled, risk-free environment. As each browser session is new, the same attack can be simulated multiple times with the exact same initial settings.

Security Testing

Cybersecurity professionals can use temporary browsers as sandbox environments to safely analyze and test malicious websites or links without risking their main systems.

Remote Browser Isolation for Enterprises

In a corporate setting, temporary browsers can serve as isolated environments for employees accessing potentially risky web content, thus protecting the company's internal network from web-based threats.

What Is Browserling?

Browserling is a temporary browser platform designed to provide developers and testers with instant access to various web browsers for cross-browser testing purposes. It operates as an on-demand, cloud-based service, allowing users to engage in short-term, isolated browser sessions for testing website compatibility and functionality across different browser environments. Additionally, Browserling is also helpful for casual Internet users seeking a secure and private browsing experience all while maintaining anonymity and leaving no digital footprint.

Who Uses Browserling?

Browserling has now become the temporary browser platform of choice for IT and security professionals and it's used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world every month. Browserling's customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Fortune 100, Fortune 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

Happy browsing!