TLDR: You can instantly access a sandboxed Tor browser via My team and I have virtualized multiple Tor versions and we stream just the browser window to you. This Tor browser runs remotely in our virtual machines and it's isolated from your network.

Sandboxed Tor – What Is It?

A sandboxed Tor browser is a modified version of the Tor browser that adds an additional layer of security by running in a virtual machine that's isolated from the user's main operating system and network. By leveraging the inherent multi-layer anonymity of the Tor network and additionally encapsulating it within a remote virtual machine (sandbox), it significantly minimizes the possibility of the user's identity being exposed. This combination offers the highest level of protection against threats and enhances privacy on the Internet.

How Does a Sandboxed Tor Work?

A sandboxed Tor browser operates by starting each browsing session in a newly created virtual machine, ensuring a fresh Tor profile and clean operating system state. The Tor browser is pre-connected to the Tor network and assigned a new IP address to maximize anonymity and minimize traceability. When the browsing session is closed, the virtual machine alongside the browser, all browsing data, and any other potential traceable information is completely deleted. This approach ensures that the session data cannot be tracked or recovered, providing a robust cybersecurity measure against tracking and surveillance.

Regular Tor vs Sandboxed Tor – What's the Difference?

A regular Tor browser provides anonymity by routing Internet traffic through the Tor network, obscuring the user's IP address and location. Unlike its sandboxed counterpart, a regular Tor browser runs on the user's device, meaning that downloads go to the user's computer and all code executes on the user's computer as well. If there's an exploit, the user's computer gets compromised.

In contrast, a sandboxed Tor browser enhances user's securiy and privacy by operating within a remote virtual machine, adding another layer of isolation that protects the user and their system from threats and prevents any session data from being leaked or traced. This additional security measure makes the sandboxed Tor browser a superior choice for users seeking maximum privacy and protection against cybersecurity threats on the web.

What Are Sandboxed Tor Use Cases?

Secure Exploration of the Deep Web

A sandboxed Tor browser enables you to securely explore onion web sites by isolating the browsing session, ensuring that potential threats do not compromise your system's security.

Safe Browsing Environment

Users hesitant to install the Tor browser directly on their device can use a sandboxed version to mitigate fears of potential security risks or software vulnerabilities.

Privacy Enhanced Browsing

For users who prioritize privacy, a sandboxed Tor browser ensures that browsing habits, history, and cookies are completely erased after each session, offering peace of mind.

Traceless Browsing

A sandboxed Tor browser ensures that no browsing history, cookies, or downloaded files are left on the user's computer, guaranteeing a clean browsing state after every session.

Investigative Journalism

Journalists working on sensitive topics can use a sandboxed Tor browser to research anonymously, protecting both their sources and themselves from surveillance and retribution.

Secure Communication

A sandboxed Tor browser ensures that all personal conversations, when using Tor-enabled communication services, remain private and untraceable back to the devices used.

Educational Purposes

A sandboxed Tor browser enables individuals interested in learning about the Tor network, onion protocol, and privacy technologies to explore safely without risking their primary system's security.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Cybersecurity experts can analyze potentially malicious websites or services on the Tor network without exposing their real environment to threats, thanks to the isolation provided by the sandbox.

Exploring Onion Forums

A sandboxed Tor browser allows cybersecurity researchers to explore onion forums anonymously and securely, ensuring that the engagement with potentially hazardous communities does not compromise their identities.

Investigating Ransomware Operations

Cybersecurity experts can safely investigate onion ransomware sites to understand their mechanisms, payment demands, and communication methods without the risk of infecting their own systems or revealing their identity.

Deep Cybersecurity Research

Cybersecurity experts utilize a sandboxed Tor browser for deep research into the dark web's illicit activities, including hacking forums, malware distribution, and cybercrime marketplaces, without exposing their real IP address or

Digital Forensics

Forensic analysts use a sandboxed Tor browser to safely collect evidence from dark web sources for investigations, ensuring that the process does not contaminate evidence or reveal their investigative interests.

Security Tool Testing

Developers testing new security tools and solutions for the dark web can use a sandboxed Tor browser to safely assess tool effectiveness in a controlled, isolated environment, ensuring that their main system remains uncompromised.

Tor Network Testing and Development

Developers testing web applications on the Tor network can use a sandboxed Tor browser to ensure their own system's integrity remains intact during the testing process.

What Is Browserling?

Browserling is a virtual browser platform that specializes in offering a sandboxed version of the Tor browser, designed to meet the rigorous daily requirements of SOC teams and cybersecurity experts. This service enables these professionals to safely analyze onion sites, conduct ransomware research, and analyze new cybersecurity threats, all while ensuring their activities remain isolated from their primary systems, thus preserving operational security and maintaining a high level of privacy on the Tor network.

Who Uses Browserling?

Browserling has now become the sandboxed browser platform of choice for security professionals and web developers, and it's used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world every month. Browserling's customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Fortune 100, Fortune 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

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