musical geek friday - cryptoI looked through my mp3 collection and found some really geeky and funny songs. I thought, why not add a little more fun to my blog. These songs are really geeky and my readers will love them!

I'll be posting a song each Friday until I run out of songs (I have 6 songs at the moment, and maybe I find some more). Also I'll add lyrics and comments for people who do not have enough nerdiness to understand it them.

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The first song I present to you, as the title suggests, is about cryptography. Particularly about a cracker trying to defeat a 56 bit and 128 bit symmetric key algorithms, such as DES or RC4, used in secure online communications. Note that 56 bit symmetric keys are no longer recommended as they can be broken in no time with special hardware and modern computers.

Song's title is "Crypto" and as I found out, it is a parody of Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte.

Unfortunately, I could not find the author of this parody. In case you know, please let me know so I can give proper attribution.

Here are the lyrics:

Crypto It's in Crypto Crypto come and the crook go home Safe? Is it safe? It's all safe Pretty safe It's okay It's okay-o Cracker come but he won't break code World get small when the internet come Online come and we shop from home Download the software 'till the morning's done Daylight come and me hard drive full Punch in my credit card order me a dancer Dancer come and me g-string go Come Mr. Businessman join in the bonanza Shopper come and the overhead's low 56 bit key is a great big bunch Crypto come and the crook go home 128 bit even harder to crunch Cracker try but he just grow old Crypto, It's in Crypto Crypto come and the cash can flow Safe? Is it safe? It's all safe Pretty safe It's okay It's okay-o Crypto come and the crook get boned

Download Crypt-o Song

Have fun and until next geeky Friday!