A few weeks ago I launched Online Math Tools website. It's a collection of browser-based utilities for doing mathy things. To make things more interesting I hired a mathematician to research and create all possible fractal curve generators. Here are the next 10 fractal generators we added. See previous 10 fractals here and previous-previous 10 fractals here. There will be more than one hundred different fractal generators total and perhaps we'll discover or invent some new fractals ourselves.

  1. Sierpinski Maze Generator
  1. Quadratic Koch Island Generator
  1. Koch Anti-snowflake Generator
  1. Triflake Fractal Generator
  1. Quadratic Cross Generator
  1. Generalized Cantor Fractal Generator
  1. Smith Volterra Cantor Fractal Generator
  1. Twin Dragon Fractal Generator
  1. Triple Dragon Fractal Generator
  1. Sierpinski Pentagon Generator

31 (bonus). Sierpinski n-flake Generator

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