Another strong start of the year! I've just added 25 more programmer tools. Now there are more than 150 tools total (up from 100 tools). This is now surely one of the biggest collection of tools. All tools work on the client side and use modern browser features, such as ArrayBuffers. These tools are just static html+javascript pages and everything is computed in your browser. I don't have to worry about scaling this as there's no server component and I don't have to worry about security as nothing executes on Browserling's web servers. Following my blog's mantra, good coders code, great coders reuse, I reused as much code as possible and most of the tools are wrappers around existing javascript libraries.

Why did I create these tools? Because I got tired of online tools with popups, ads and stupid configuration options, so I made tools with no ads, no popups, and no other crap. Each tool does one thing and one thing only. Press button, get result.

Here's the list of new tools:

Coming up: Improved user interface and design, html widgets so you can embed tools on your site, file upload support for more tools, and new tools.

Until next time!