Happy new year everyone! At Browserling I want to make developers' lives easier so I decided to create world's largest collection of web developer and programmer tools. I found that I was often googling for things like "javascript beautifier" or "xml prettifier" and I'd often end up on random garbage websites with ads and tools that don't work and that have tons of options that no one needs.

So I created my own tools. No ads, no garbage, just plain text tools all in one place. Press button, get result.

I just added 13 more tools that you may sometimes need. Now there are 35 different tools in Browserling's tool collection and even more tools are coming.

Here are the new tools:

  • Generate MySQL Password - Generate a mysql or mariadb password (convert plain text to MySQL PASSWORD type.)
  • AES Encrypt - Encrypt plain text using AES encryption algorithm. (Useful for quickly sharing private data on the Internet.)
  • AES Decrypt - Decrypt AES encrypted data to plain text.
  • RC4 Encrypt - Encrypt plain text using RC4 encryption algorithm.
  • RC4 Decrypt - Decrypt RC4 encrypted data to plain text.
  • ROT13 Encode/Decode - Encode and decode strings and text using ROT13 algorithm.
  • MD5 Hasher - Compute MD5 hashes of strings and text.
  • SHA256 Hasher - Compute SHA256 hashes of strings and text.
  • CRC32 Hasher - Compute CRC32 hashes of strings and text.
  • MD4 Hasher - Calculate MD4 hashes of strings and text.
  • SHA1 Hasher - Calculate SHA1 hashes of strings and text.
  • SHA512 Hasher - Calculate SHA512 hashes of strings and text.
  • Text to hex Converter - Convert strings and text to hex (and format it.)

And here are all the other tools:

The next few tools that I'm adding are csv-to-json converter, json-to-cvs converter, bcrypt() password generator, bcrypt() password validator, and more hashing tools. I've also asked my UI/UX designer to create a nicer UI for the tools so that's another change coming soon.

This blog post is a repost of six more webdev tools and seven more webdev tools on Browserling's cross-browser testing blog.

Until next time!