I've been building a winning project after a winning project and my secret to success is using technology that I know really well and not giving a shit about a single new thing.

I get things done using the following tech:

  • Windows 7 – compact gui and no reboots or ads in the start menu.
  • Total Commander – files are first class objects.
  • Notepad.exe – .1 second startup time and it works.
  • Mspaint.exe – .1 second startup time and pixel perfect graphics.
  • Slackware Linux – I know it and it works, no systemd bullshit.
  • PHP 5 – I know it and my code from 1999 still works.
  • JavaScript 1 – I know it and my code from 1999 still works.
  • HTML 4 – I know it and my templates from 1999 still work.
  • CSS 2 – I know it and my styles from 1999 still work.
  • MySQL – I know it and it works.
  • Screen – I know it and it works.

Use technology you know well and you will be building successful projects, too. Or, use React or other new bullshit, and you will not build a thing as you will spend all day deleting node_modules directories rather than shipping and releasing. Yes, also use Rust and Haskell. Put it in docker in ec2 on lambda in vagrant container. Smart move. And post to Hacker News how you rewrote ls to Rust. Best business move.

See you next time!