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I often have to generate random passwords so I created this simple online utility that does it for me. It lets you generate multiple passwords of various complexity and length. It works in the browser and is powered by alien technology from the future.

Random Password Generator Options

Length and Count
Password's Complexity
Select the complexity of the password.

Random Password Generator Examples (click to try!)

Numeric Passwords
In this example, we generate five random numeric passwords that only use digits from 0 to 9 and the generated passwords are 10 digits in length.
Password length.
How many passwords?
A Long Alphanumeric Password
This example creates one long password with 100 characters, which uses all alphanumeric symbols – numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters.
Password length.
How many passwords?
Passwords with a Custom Alphabet
In this example, we select the custom alphabet option for password's complexity and generate eight passwords of length 16 that consist only of hexadecimal digits – a to f and 0 to 9.
Password length.
How many passwords?
If you selected "Custom Alphabet" from the dropdown above, then enter the characters to generate your password(s) from here.

How Does This Random Password Generator Work?

This random password generator works entirely in your browser and is written in JavaScript. It lets you select password's complexity by choosing the alphabet of characters that will be used for generating passwords. For example, if you select lowercase letters and digits as the alphabet, then it will set the variable alphabet to the string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz plus 0123456789 and it will call alphabet.charAt() function together with Math.random() function to select symbols at random positions from this alphabet until it has selected length (password's length; specified in options) characters. Then, this password is added to the output array. If the count option is larger than one, this process is repeated until the required number of passwords have been created. In the end, all passwords in the output array are joined by a newline via join('\n') function.

Created by Browserling

This random password generator was created by me and my team at Browserling. Behind the scenes, it's actually powered by our web developer tools that are used by millions of people every month. Browserling itself is an online cross-browser testing service powered by alien technology. Check it out!

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