Hey everyone. We at StackVM just finished recording the 2nd demo video. The 2nd video shows all the cool new features we have recently built - user login system, chatting and sharing of virtual machines by just dragging and dropping. Also this time James Halliday joins me from Fairbanks, Alaska!

Here is the video #2,

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If you haven't seen the first video, see my StackVM startup announcement post!

During the past few weeks we have also written two new node.js libraries for use at StackVM:

We did not demo gifcasts in this video but I am going to do a separate video in the next week or two showing just that. They're pretty awesome!

In a few weeks we'll also post the 3rd demo video. In that video we have planned to show virtual network editor that allows to network virtual machines by just dragging and dropping! Be sure to subscribe to catonmat's rss feed and follow me on twitter to know when the video is out!

See you!

Ps. Join #stackvm on FreeNode to discuss StackVM with me and James! We're there 24/7!