I decided to create a collection of tools that web developers and programmers often use. I found that I was often googling for things like "json beautifier" or "url escaper" and I'd often end up on random websites with ads and garbage tools that don't work or have tons of options that no one needs.

So I created my own tools. No ads, no garbage, just plain tools all in one place. Press button, get result. Here they are:

Browserling's Web Developer Tools (https://www.browserling.com/tools)

Right now I've added 18 tools that I often use, and I'll be adding more tools every week. Soon this will be the largest collection of online programmer tools.

Next few tools that I'm adding are HTML minifier, HTML beautifier, and Base64 encoder and Base64 decoder.

Update: Just added base64 encoder and base64 decoder:

  • Base64 Encode - Convert ascii/unicode/utf8/utf16/utf32 strings to base64 strings.
  • Base64 Decode - Convert base64 strings back to original strings.

Another Update: Just added HTML prettifier and HTML minifier:

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This blog post is a repost of Announcing Browserling's Web Developer Tools on Browserling's cross-browser testing blog.