I've created an offline version of Browserling's Web Comic. It's a stand-alone HTML file with all the cartoons base64-encoded in it. No dependencies, just a single file. It can't get simpler than that.

Stand-alone HTML Download URL: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.html.

Hate stand-alone HTML files? I've also created a ZIP archive of the comic. Just unpack it, open index.html and you can browse it offline.

ZIP Download URL: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.zip.

Hate ZIP and love WinRAR? I've also created a RAR archive of the comic:

RAR Download URL: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.rar.

Hate RAR and ZIP? I got TAR.GZ for you: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.tgz.

Hate TAR.GZ? I got TAR.XZ for you: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.txz.

Hate TAR.XZ? I got TAR.BZ2 for you: https://comic.browserling.com/browserling-comic.tbz.

That was super fun! Now back to real product work, and until next time!