Don’t Copy That FloppyThis week on Musical Geek Friday an anti-piracy video-musical from 1990s! It's called Don't Copy That Floppy.

"Don't Copy That Floppy" was an anti-copyright infringement campaign run by the Software Publishers Association (SPA) beginning in 1992.

In this video two teenagers, Jenny and Corey, are playing a game on a classroom computer. Corey is exuberantly pushing keys and is heavily immersed in the game action; Jenny is beating him. Frustrated, he asks for a rematch, but she has an upcoming class and must leave. He decides he will copy the game so that he can play it at home. Upon inserting his blank floppy disk into the Apple Macintosh computer a video pops up on the computer. This video is of a rapper named MC Double Def DP the "Disk Protector". The DP's role is instructional and he must teach the teenagers that copying games is bad. His method of lecture is a hip-hop style song and dance.

I ripped and edited the audio from the video. You can listen and download it here:

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Here is the whole video, some parts are really boring and you may want to skip those:

Here is just the song that I ripped:

Don't Copy That Floppy lyrics:

(Corey: Jenny, hold up. Look, I brought a disk and we could copy this, ok? We could play it on my brother computer. Jenny: Ok, no problem... All we gotta do is... Woah! Corey: Are you sure you know whatcha doing?) Did I hear you right, did I hear you sayin' That you're gonna make a copy of a game without payin'? Come on, guys, I thought you knew better don't copy that floppy! Don't don't don't don't... (Corey: Wait a minute. Who the heck are you, anyway? Jenny: Yeah. And what are you doing on my computer?) I'm your MC Double Def DP That's the Disk Protector for you and the posse That's your artists, writers, designers and programmers They pump up the images for games and gramma's that lets you learn, but also play The games you came here for today Now I know you love the game and that's alright to do Because the posse who make them, they love them too But if you start stealing, there's no more they can do (Corey: But I just wanted to make one copy!) You say 'I'll just make a copy, for me and a friend' Then he'll make one and she'll make one and where will it end? One leads to another then ten, then more, And no one buys anything from the store So no one gets paid and they can't make more The posse breaks up and they close the door Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! So let me break this down for you: D-D-Do-Do-Don't No Carmen Sandiego, no more Oregon Trail Tetris and the others, they're all gonna fail Not because we want it but because you're just takin' it Dis-res-pec-tin' all the folks who are ma-kin' it The more you take, the less there will be The disks become fewer, the games fall away The screen starts to tweak, and then it will fade Programs fall through a black hole in space The computer world becomes bleak and stark Loses its life and the screen goes dark (Computer: Welcome to the end of the computer age... mwahahahaha...) But I'm much too strong and you're much too smart To let that happen to your chances to explore Parts of the new age just behind the door of your minds You're the posse of the future and you hold in your brains what's never thought before And in time, you'll see just so much more That's why I'm here and that's what I'm fighting for Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! Now let me introduce you, to some of the teams That will explain a little more about what I mean! D-D-Do-Do-Don't... Don't copy that floppy! You see, on these disks we have frozen in time The creativity of someone's mind Do you think, that because, with a flick of a key You can copy that game, that the work is free This creativity, we protect it by law We value so highly, what the mind's eye saw Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! D-D-Do-Do-Don't... Don't copy... Don't copy that floppy! To do the right thing, it's really simple for you The copyright law, it will tell you what to do Buy one, for every computer you use Anything else is like going to the store Taking the disk, and walking out the door It's called thiefin', stealin', taking what's not yours Is that really where you want your life to go? Think about it, I don't think so. Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! Now you see a game you like and you really want to try it Don't copy that floppy, just go to the store and buy it Think of it this way, okay? When you're buy a disk, you're sayin' to the team You respect what you do and what you're workin' for We'll keep up our support so you can make up some more We'll do the right thing and the future will be clear There will be new programs here at the end Don't copy! Don't copy that floppy! Now you know how the games and the programs are made And what you do to make sure that they're not gonna fade The bottom line is it's all up to you There's nothing more that I can do The goals in your court, dribble, shoot, or pass I'm sure you'll make your decision with class Don't copy that floppy (MC Double Def DP: See ya, I'm outta here!)

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