TLDR: Simply visit and you'll get an online Tor browser for testing your onion website.

What is the Tor browser?

The Tor browser is just like a regular web browser, except it's been created to prioritize user's privacy and anonymity. It operates on the Tor network and uses a decentralized system of relays to obfuscate a user's online footprint, thereby making it challenging to trace their Internet activities back to them. Unlike standard browsers that directly access websites, the Tor browser bounces a user's request through multiple nodes, effectively concealing their origin and ensuring the site content remains accessible despite censorship, surveillance, and other aspects.

What is an Onion Link?

An Onion Link refers to a URL used within the Tor network for accessing websites hosted on the Tor platform. These links end with the .onion suffix and are always routed through the Tor network to ensure anonymity and privacy. They are not accessible through standard web browsers and require the use of the Tor browser, which facilitates encrypted and anonymous connections to these specialized web addresses.

Tor Browser without Installation

Browserling presents a unique and convenient solution for accessing the Tor browser without the need for installation. This service is particularly beneficial for those seeking to test or browse onion websites. Hosted on Browserling's cloud servers, the Tor browser is streamed directly to users, eliminating the need for local installation. This approach is both user-friendly and efficient, as it is powered simply by JavaScript and HTML5, thus requiring no additional software. Users can instantly access both regular and onion links, as the browser is pre-connected to the Tor network. Additionally, Browserling keeps its platform up-to-date with the ten latest versions of the Tor browser, from 7.5 to 13, ensuring users have access to the most recent features and security updates.

Tor Testing Guide

You can learn more about testing onion links and websites in the Tor browser in my Tor Browser Testing Guide. In the guide, I provide a comprehensive insight into the functionality and security features of the Tor browser, including its anonymizing capabilities, the differences between its versions, and the technicalities of accessing and creating .onion domains. Additionally, my guide covers the distinctions between the Tor browser and the Tor network, the nature of the onion network, and the process of testing and accessing onion websites.

Happy testing!