TLDR: You can test your onion website via Browserling (that I and my team built). Simply navigate to and you'll get a Tor browser running in your browser. No setup or installation needed.

What is an onion link?

An onion link refers to a specific type of URL that's used within the Tor network. It aims to ensure anonymity and privacy for users and webmasters alike. Onion links are identifiable by their .onion suffix and they're accessible exclusively through the Tor browser. Onion links form the deep web and support services and platforms that prioritize user privacy, anonymity, and resist censorship.

Why would someone run an onion website?

You might choose to run an onion website to take advantage of the enhanced privacy and anonymity features provided by the Tor network, ensuring both the website's and its visitors' locations and identities are protected. This can be particularly valuable for activists, journalists, political dissidents and freedom fighters, who operate in regions with strict censorship laws or where freedom of speech is limited, as it allows for the secure sharing of information. Additionally, onion websites can offer a platform for secure communication, ensuring sensitive conversations remain confidential. Lastly, businesses might use onion websites to provide a secure and private platform for their services, showcasing a commitment to user privacy and data protection.

How to test an onion link?

To test your onion links without installing the Tor browser, you can utilize Browserling, which provides a cloud-based Tor Browser. This is especially beneficial for those who prefer not to install the Tor browser due to desire to avoid having Tor-related software on their device, or for users seeking a quick and temporary access to an onion link. Browserling will open an onion link using its cloud-based Tor browser, providing instant access to the onion website.

What is Browserling?

Browserling is an innovative web service that offers instant access to Tor browser, allowing users to test their onion website directly from their regular browsers without the need for any installations. Browserling runs a Tor browser that's pre-connected to the Tor network, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. With Browserling, users can bypass the often complex setup process associated with the Tor browser, and get quick and straightforward access to onion websites. This makes Browserling an excellent choice for individuals who require access to the Tor network or those who prefer not to have Tor-related software installed on their device.

Happy testing!