TLDR: If you're hosting your website on the deep web, you can test it in multiple Tor browser versions without installing the Tor browser yourself via Browserling by visiting (I and my team built it). Browserling runs a virtual Tor browser in the cloud and you can instantly get access to a sandboxed Tor browser that's pre-connected to the Tor network.

What is a deep web link?

A deep web link is a URL that leads to content not indexed by standard search engines, making it hidden from common web searches. The deep web encompasses vast online resources, including private databases and password-protected sites. It's frequently mistaken for the dark web, a specific subset of the deep web associated with anonymity. However, while the dark web is part of the deep web, not all deep web content part of the dark web.

How to test a deep web link?

To open a deep web link for testing, you typically require specialized tools like the Tor browser because these links aren't accessible via standard browsers. However, installing the Tor browser uncomfortable for many users due to potential security concerns. An alternative method is using services like Browserling, which runs a cloud version of the Tor browser. Browserling allows you to access deep web links instantly and safely without any installations, providing a user-friendly and secure approach to test your deep web sites.

What is Browserling?

Browserling is an online platform that provides live, interactive browser testing. It allows users to test their websites and applications in various browser versions, including the Tor browser, across different operating systems without installing them locally. The service operates in the cloud, facilitating real-time testing and debugging. By offering the Tor browser, Browserling aids in ensuring websites function properly even in this privacy-focused environment.

Happy testing!