TLDR: You can run Firefox in Chrome via This link will open a virtual Firefox browser inside of your Chrome browser so that you can browse while you browse.

What Is Chrome?

Chrome is a widely-used, free web browser developed by Google, based on the Chromium open-source project. It is recognized for its fast performance, high security, and seamless integration with Google services, employing a sandboxing technique to isolate processes and enhance web security. Chrome's features include tabbed browsing, the Omnibox for combined search and address bar functionality, synchronization across devices with a Google account, and a vast extension ecosystem. Regular updates every six weeks ensure the latest security features and improvements are in place, maintaining Chrome's position as the dominant browser in the market

What Is Firefox?

Firefox is a free, open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla. It is renowned for its commitment to user privacy, refusing to sell users' personal data to advertisers or services like Google. Firefox features a multi-process architecture, which ensures that tabs stay fresh and don't take forever to reload, providing a seamless browsing experience. With its robust set of features, including tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and a plethora of add-ons for customization, Firefox stands as a secure, user-friendly, and highly customizable web browsing solution.

What Is a Browser In a Browser?

A browser in a browser is a secure, virtualized browsing solution that operates in a remote virtual machine and is separated from your local network and computer. This advanced cybersecurity solution ensures a high level of protection by isolating Internet activities from the user's physical device, effectively shielding against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats.

What is a Firefox In a Chrome?

Firefox in a Chrome is an application of the browser-in-browser technology, where the Firefox's process is streamed into a Google Chrome browser through canvas and video tags and powered by state-of-the-art JavaScript. A key advantage is the time efficiency it offers – users don't need to install multiple versions of Firefox. It's especially beneficial for web developers and QA testers, who can rapidly test across different browser versions without cumbersome installations. Additionally, it's a vital technology for cybersecurity experts, providing a secure environment to access and assess potentially hazardous web content without risking system integrity.

What Are the Firefox in a Chrome Use Cases?

URL Sandboxing for Security

Running a remote Firefox within Chrome provides an effective URL sandboxing solution, allowing users to safely explore and analyze suspicious or unverified web links. This setup significantly reduces the risk of malware infections and shields against phishing schemes, enhancing overall safety.

Cross-Browser Testing for Web Development

Utilizing a virtual Firefox within Chrome is invaluable for web developers and QA teams, as it creates an easy and efficient cross-browser testing environment. This setup enables developers to test websites or applications in multiple Firefox versions without leaving the primary Chrome environment.

Unbiased Browsing

Using an isolated Firefox within Chrome is ideal for doing unbiased web browsing in a clean browser state. This approach ensures that researchers, developers, and testers can evaluate websites or applications in Firefox without the influence of previous browsing history, cookies, or cached data. Such a pristine environment is crucial for accurate performance analysis and user experience testing, offering a true representation of how a first-time user might interact with the site or application.

What Is Browserling?

Browserling is an innovative browser-in-browser service created for cybersecurity experts, providing a unique and efficient way to test web applications across different environments. It offers access to all versions of Firefox, enabling users to run Firefox inside Chrome, which is particularly useful for cross-browser testing. Running a Firefox inside Chrome is essential for developers and cybersecurity professionals who need to validate web application functionality and their security across various Firefox versions without the hassle of installing them separately.

Who Uses Browserling?

Browserling has become the browser-in-a-browser platform of choice for web developers and security professionals and it's used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world every month. Browserling's customers include governments, states, cities, banks, stock exchanges, universities, newspapers, Fortune 100, Fortune 500 companies, and private multi-billion dollar companies.

Happy browsing!