I spent a year optimizing for a highly competitive keyword for Browserling. Yesterday Google decided that I was 1st results page worthy for that keyword. This is the result. A huge jump from 1200 impressions per day to 4000 impressions:

SEO in action (screenshot from Google webmaster tools.)

I keep optimizing keywords all the time. Here's another example. This keyword was on 3rd results page and position 22 and was getting just 10 impressions per day. After optimizing it for a few months it jumped to position 8 and then position 7. Impressions increased to 400 per day:

More SEO in action. Impressions in red. Position in green.

Update 2017-08-01: More impressive stuff. From 93 page views per week to 18,032.

19,000% jump.

Until next time.