At Browserling, we love deploying. Sometimes we deploy 50 times a day. We created our own minimalist deployment system that uses a bare git directory structure. We then git push to an ssh remote, which then runs a 30 line post-commit bash script and it lets us deploy in 0.1 seconds. Our mantra at Browserling is deploy or die. If you don't push to production 20 times a day you are doing things wrong. There are no code reviews or tests that would slow down deploying. There's only production. If you broke production, then you can simply fix it in the next commit a minute later. Even if you broke it for longer than a minute, someone from the millions of users we have will notice it and tell us (given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow is our other mantra). Time to deploy makes everyone happy as things get done quickly and everyone can cheer progress. Moving forward quickly is much more important than writing the perfect code you didn't ship. Optimizing time-to-deploy time should be every company's top task and everyone who theorizes about the perfect code they didn't ship should be fired.