These curl recipes show you how to make curl requests and responses slow. By default, curl uses the maximum available bandwidth, but often you need to slow things down for testing. To make curl slow, use the --limit-rate speed option.

Limit Curl to 200 Kilobytes per Second

curl --limit-rate 200k

This recipe uses the --limit-rate 200k command line option to rate-limit both the request and response to 200 kilobytes per second. You can also use the m suffix for megabytes per second and g for gigabytes per second.

Limit Curl to 1 byte per Second

curl --limit-rate 1

If you don't indicate the speed unit, then curl uses bytes per second. In this recipe, we do just that and set curl's speed to just 1 byte per second. With this speed limit, it will take an eternity for the requests and responses to complete.

Created by Browserling

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