These curl recipes show you how to make insecure requests with curl that ignore SSL certificate validation. This is done by specifying the -k command line argument. Often, SSL certificates are outdated or broken and this option helps you get past that.

Don't Verify SSL Certificate Details

curl -k

In this recipe, curl uses the -k argument that makes an HTTPS connection (on port 443) but doesn't check the details of SSL certificate. If it's broken, outdated, or there's a web server misconfiguration, this request will still go through but no trust will be established.

Use SSL Version 1

curl -1

In this recipe, curl uses the -1 argument that tells curl to use SSLv1 when negotiating the SSL protocol to use with the web server. There are also arguments -2 and -3 that tell curl to use SSLv2 and SSLv3.

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