These curl recipes show you how to add custom HTTP headers to curl requests. This is done via the -H 'Header: Value' command line argument.

Add a Single Header

curl -H 'Accept-Language: en-US'

This recipe uses the -H argument to add Accept-Language: en-US header to a GET request to This header tells Google to serve the English version of the page.

Add Two Headers

curl -H 'Accept-Language: en-US' -H 'Secret-Message: xyzzy'

This recipe adds two headers to a GET request to Google. The first header is the same as in the previous recipe and the other one is Secret-Message: xyzzy.

Add an Empty Header

curl -H 'Puppies;'

In this recipe, we add an empty header to a curl request. We pass Puppies; (with a semicolon at the end) as an argument to the -H option and curl converts it to an empty header Puppies: with no value.

Created by Browserling

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