Merry Christmas everyone!

If you're like me, celebrating Christmas at a console, wouldn't it be fun to have a Christmas tree in your shell? It sure would! Follow these steps to have your own Christmas tree in the Unix shell.

Step 1: Install Acme::POE::Tree Perl Module

Type the following in your shell. It will install Acme::POE::Tree Perl module:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Acme::POE::Tree'

If you get notified that you're missing dependencies, answer 'yes' to all questions to have them installed.

Step 2: Celebrate Christmas at Console

Type this to have your Christmas tree up and running:

perl -MAcme::POE::Tree -e 'Acme::POE::Tree->new()->run()'

The result:

Animated Acme::POE::Tree Perl Christmas Tree

Happy holidays and see you next year!