At Browserling we just launched a super awesome Online Tools feature - all tools can now be chained together. What that means is that you can pipe output of one tool as input to another tool and do it as many times as you want.

Here are examples!

  1. Convert text to binary, split binary numbers into bytes, center binary numbers and replace 1's with x's.
  1. Draw an ascii cat, convert it to image, rotates image 30 degrees, flip image horizontally, adds a border around image, and fill transparent regions with red color.
  1. Generate first 50 Fibonacci numbers, pick 5 random numbers from these 50, converts them to hex, and joins them in a list by a comma.
  1. Generate random JSON that contains only arrays of boolean values, strip all whitespace, and display it in JSON syntax highlighter.
  1. Generates a random green PNG, rotate by -45 degrees, sharpen by 200%, then blurs it with pixel radius 10.
  1. Generate 4 random calendar dates from 2010 till 2020, add a word "at" between date and time, add text "(don't be late)" at the end of each date.
  1. Convert CSV to JSON, then convert JSON to TSV, then convert TSV to YAML, then minify YAML.
  1. Prettify XML, then syntax highlight it, then convert XML code to a screenshot, then pixelate the screenshot.
  1. Generate 6 results from "[a-f]{8} [0-9]{8}" regex, sprintf the results using "%s:%d" format, then left-pad the result.
  1. Transpose TSV, append a column at the end, ROT13 the data, and then URL-encode the result.

Also we've added a super simple chain linking scheme. For example if you want to chain ascii-to-binary with binary-to-hex and then hex-to-image, then you can use ?chain=tool1,tool2,tool3 url scheme, like this:,convert-hex-to-image

Awesome work team Browserling and see you all next time!