What do I do when I'm tired of programming? I do some more programming! I just added 6 different subscription feed formats to Browserling's webcomic. They're Atom, RSS, JSON, Simple Plain XML, YAML and TXT.

https://comic.browserling.com/rss.xml (RSS)
https://comic.browserling.com/atom.xml (Atom)
https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.json (JSON)
https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.xml (Raw XML)
https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.yaml (YAML)
https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.txt (TXT)

And extra bonus. JSONP API:


Update: Now also CSV, because why not.

https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.csv (CSV)

Another Update: Now also TSV.

https://comic.browserling.com/cartoons.tsv (TSV)

Does this have any value? No. Was it a fun side project? Hell yes it was! Fun side projects is what makes you great at what you do. Now back again to main product work. Until next time!