Exciting news everyone! I've launched Browserling's Live API. Browserling's Live API live lets you embed live interactive browsers in your own applications on demand. It also lets you automate and control browsers through a very neat JavaScript API.

Watch this 4 minute demo video that demonstrates the possibilities:

Browserling's Live API Demo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhbpxXbEBos

Here are some of the use cases from some of our early Live API customers:

  • Quality Assurance - view your application in a bunch of browsers at once as part of QA process before the release.
  • Continuous Integration - load a browser on every commit, accept or reject the commit based on the results you see.
  • Sandboxed browsing - embed a browser in your application so that your computer doesn't get exposed to trojans, viruses and other malware. We run sandboxed, virtualized browsers and your computer never sees them.
  • Automating browsers - automate cross-browser testing by scripting browser interactions with JavaScript.
  • Rebranding, white-labeling and reselling - wrap around the API to create your own cross-browser testing service. We run the browsers and you make money!

Embedding a browser in your application takes less than 10 lines of code:

var browserling = new Browserling(api_key);

var div = document.querySelector('browserling');
var iframe = browserling.iframe();

Once you've embedded a browser in your application, you can control it through this simple API:

browserling.moveMouse(100, 200) // moves mouse to x=100, y=200
browserling.leftClick(40, 50)   // left clicks mouse at x=40, y=50
browserling.rightClick(40, 50)  // right clicks mouse at x=40, y=50
browserling.dragMouse(0, 0, 100, 101) // drags mouse from 0, 0 to 100, 101

browserling.delay(5000)         // delays actions for 5 seconds

browserling.type("hello world") // types "hello world"
browserling.keyPress(Browserling.Keys.Enter) // sends Enter key
browserling.keyPress(Browserling.Keys.F1)    // sends F1 key
browserling.keyDown(Browserling.Keys.Shift)  // presses Shift (but doesn't release it)
browserling.keyPress('a') // presses 'a', but since Shift was pressed, it types 'A'
browserling.keyUp(Browserling.Keys.Shift)    // releases Shift

See Live API's full documentation for more information about how to embed and control the browsers. I also created Live API demo page that lets you run a live demo (email me peter@browserling.com for a demo invite code, if you're intersted).

We're planning on releasing many new features for Browserling throughout this year. Just to name a few - Headless API, Mobile browsers, Linux browsers, screenshots, screenshots API, screen recording, screen sharing, and an affiliate partnership program.

This blog post is a repost of the original announcement on Browserling's blog: Announcing Browserling's Live API.

Follow us on Twitter @browserling for updates and until next time!