Team Browserling keeps shipping!

Three weeks ago we added 50 new text tools.

Two weeks ago we added 20 more tools

Last week we added 15 more text tools.

And today we added another 15 tools to our Online Text Tools collection.

Here are the new text tools.

Total text tools added: 100.

Customers added: 1,000.

Users added: 10,000.

SEO traffic captured: 100,000.

Business value created: $1,000,000.

Node modules written: 0.

Rust syntax errors fixed: 0.

Projects open sourced: 0.

Tutorials written: 0.

Frameworks used: 0.

Docker builds: 0.

Vagrant installs: 0.

Windows 10 reboots: 0.

Discussions about emacs vs vim: 0.

Stack overflow questions: 0.

Stack overflow answers: 0.

Reddit comments: 0.

Hacker News comments: 0.

Tweets: 0.

Books read: 0.

Zoom calls: 0.

Phone calls: 0.

Emails sent: 0.

Emails read: 0.

DMs read: 0.

DMs answered: 0.

Meetings: 0.

Podcasts listened: 0.

Youtube videos watched: 0.

Shits given about ChatGPT: 0.

Shits given about AI: 0.

Shits given about anything else than my users and customers: 0.

Next week we'll add even more tools and sign up even more customers. See you then!

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