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We're happy to announce Headless Testling. Headless Testling lets you run your JavaScript tests locally through jsdom and remotely with Testling.

We put headless testling on npm so installing it is as easy as:

npm install -g testling

And now you can run your tests locally!

$ testling test.js 

Or run them on real browsers by specifying --browsers argument:

$ testling test.js --browsers=iexplore/7.0,iexplore/8.0,firefox/3.5

For example, if your test.js is this:

var test = require('testling');

test('json parse', function (t) {
    t.deepEqual(JSON.parse('[1,2]'), [1,2]);

Then running testling headlessly you'll get the following output:

node/jsdom                      1/1  100 % ok

But running it with --browsers=iexplore/7.0,iexplore/8.0,firefox/3.5, the test will get executed on native IE7, IE8 and Firefox 3.5:

Bundling...  done

iexplore/7.0        0/1    0 % ok
  Error: 'JSON' is undefined
    at [anonymous]() in /test.js : line: 4, column: 5
    at [anonymous]() in /test.js : line: 3, column: 29
    at test() in /test.js : line: 3, column: 1

  > t.deepEqual(JSON.parse('[1,2]'), [1,2]);

iexplore/8.0        1/1  100 % ok
firefox/3.5         1/1  100 % ok

total               2/3   66 % ok

You can follow the development of headless testling at testling's github repo.

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